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Reduce your IT spend and boost the flexibility of your infrastructure today.

There are many reasons why businesses choose to virtualize. For lots of organizations, the significant improvements in the availability of applications and resources, along with the increased efficiency are two major factors. 

Virtualizing your business enables you to run multiple Virtual Machines (VMs) on a singular machine, better sharing those resources over a multitude of environments.


You Can Better Utilize your Existing Resources

There are many features which allow your business to extract more and maximize the outputs from the available resources.

Better Availability of Applications and Hardware Which Can Improve Business Continuity

You can migrate virtual environments and back them up securely without any service interruption whatsoever. This allows you to eradicate planned downtime and enables instant recovery from any unplanned issues.

Enhanced Security and Manageability of Desktops

The deployment, management, and monitoring of secure desktop environments are all distinct advantages of virtualization that your Los Angeles business can benefit from. With or without a network connection, users can access either remotely or locally on almost any device. This results in fewer desktop images to manage, it makes updating or rolling back easier; all of which contributes to lower operational expenditure.

Reduce your Physical Infrastructure and Lower your Datacentre Costs

Less IT hardware and fewer servers mean you will spend less on your IT real estate, it will reduce your ongoing maintenance, and you will incrementally lower your carbon footprint as less money will be spent on cooling and power consumption. With enhanced management tools, your server to admin ratio will be improved.

More Operational Flexibility

With dynamic resource management, enhanced application and desktop deployment, and quicker server provisioning, your business will be more responsive to change. More importantly, virtualization will allow for better flexibility with regards to the maintenance of your physical hardware at any time during the day or night.

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There are alternative types of Virtualization, many of which involve creating resources that are not present physically. There are five common types of virtualization that your Los Angeles business can benefit from.


This type of virtualization will enable business programs and software to be stored on the server; helping to free-up vital system resources.

Application – Server

This is used to effectively distribute application workload across a number of virtual servers. This process will distribute the usage of hardware by applications from any servers that could be overworked and instead utilize idle servers, helping to speed things up and make the overall process much more efficient.


The virtualization of a network is attained by the creation of virtual networks operating independently from the underlying network hardware.

Operating System

This will enable your company to run a multitude of application through different operating systems from a single computer.


One of the most popular types of virtualization. Specifically, where a single storage system uses specialist software and hardware, along with an array of disk drives in order to provide rapid and reliable storage for data processing and computing power.

Just as every business is different, your goals and objectives will help determine which type of virtualization is right for your company.

Fothion will consult with you, taking the time to understand your core business and operational goals in detail before proposing the best virtualization solution for your Los Angeles business.