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Robust Hardware and Software for your Los Angeles Business.

Fothion is an expert IT Solution provider serving businesses throughout Los Angeles. We help businesses source and select effective IT Solutions for their operations that will support your growing business and ensure the smooth operations of the company IT. 


As a company with more than 20 years of experience providing hardware and software in Los Angeles. Fothion understands that delivering a tailored solution to fit your company can make a real difference. We offer solutions that will support your team and ultimately help you deliver your company objectives far easier.

We take the time to understand your company and only offer a relevant solution that we know and trust to work well. We are accustomed to matching key business objectives with relevant IT Hardware and Software for your Los Angeles company.


If you are looking to replace a server or buy new IT equipment, then it can be challenging to navigate your way through the myriad of options and manufacturers. Our IT Consultants will get to know your business needs and tailor a recommendation to suit your growing needs.

We have built up superb relationships with many of the manufacturers over our 20 years in the IT Sector, and we can ensure that you get the best hardware options based on your initial budget that also accounts for ongoing maintenance and support.

We will make sure you get the right hardware and software, and wherever you are in Los Angeles, a member of our team will also be able to provide hardware installation and ongoing support to ensure you get the longest life and optimal use from your new equipment.


When you need new software for your company, knowing which is best for your business takes time. When you consult with an expert at Fothion, we harness our knowledge of what is available and can also advise on new software that would be most suited for the purpose.

IT Consolidation can help improve efficiencies and make it easier for your team and customers while reducing the overall expenditure on IT Software for your Los Angeles business.

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About Our Company

Fothion is a trusted Managed IT service provider in Los Angeles, CA. We have more than 20 years’ of IT Support experience. At Fothion we bring world-class IT Solutions and Support to small and medium-size businesses when it matters most. Optimizing the efficiency of fundamental IT systems, and offering both remote and onsite support to our clients whenever we are called upon.
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We are passionate about IT, and as such, we evaluate a huge range of new technologies that can help to give you the edge over your competition.

If you want to harness the power of IT to propel your business forward, streamline processes, mobilize your workforce or enable them to become more productive; introducing new hardware and software into your Los Angeles business is often an easy way to achieve such goals.

Ongoing Support

We are a comprehensive provider of IT Solutions, and for any hardware and software that your Los Angeles business buys from us, we can offer to provide installation, training, and support for these products, giving you complete peace of mind that you are buying a sustainable solution for your business.

We are not biased in our recommendations and look to provide appropriate solutions to fit individual needs, in a vendor agnostic manner. We give you options for your business that favor the technological capabilities, rather than promoting any specific brand.

Cost-Effective Hardware and Software in Los Angeles

Monthly Payment Options are appealing to many businesses who need to manage the cost of their hardware and software.

At Fothion, we offer hardware and software as a service, giving you a complete package that includes installation, repairs, maintenance, support, and upgrades for your purchase.

With Software as a Service, businesses can access world-class services at a fraction of the cost compared to buying a full license. If you want assistance finding the right software solution, our team can help you easily source the best options to fit your business objectives.

Whatever type of hardware or software your Los Angeles business needs, you can trust the team at Fothion to help you find the perfect solution, at a price you can afford.