Ransomware Recovery Services

If you have fallen victim to Ransomware, our LA IT security experts will work with you to help recover your lost data.


Ransomware recovery services are being increasingly called upon to help business of all sizes recover lost data and restore their systems back to a secure and productive space. 

The FBI are handling a rising number of ransomware reports, supporting the fact that ransomware attacks and data recovery services are in greater demand than they have ever been. They are a source of growing concern globally, and target all size of businesses, from small through to enterprise level.

For many years, the team at FOTHION have been helping companies with their ransomware attack data recovery needs and helped provide them with practical solutions to prevent such occurrences in the future.

While the temptation of paying a ransom to get instant access to your files and information could be tempting, for many, the sum of money being requested is beyond their capacity and paying out is neither practical nor safe.

FOTHION is here to help you with a fully managed ransomware recovery service. We can consult with you immediately over the phone to make a clear plan to undertake the work quickly.

The different types of Ransomware

As you can appreciate, the security landscape of ransomware attacks is dynamic, and it changes rapidly. However, here, we outline the three most well-known types of Ransomware that we have either witnessed or helped clients to recover from.

1 – Encryption Ransomware

This is the most damaging of all type of Ransomware and often requires the most comprehensive ransomware data recovery services to be applied. Once a cybercriminal gains access to a network or device, the attack will then proceed to infiltrate the information. They gradually encrypt every folder until all the system files are entirely inaccessible.

2 – Lock-screen Viruses

In terms of the severity, this is secondary only to encryption ransomware, and it still requires professional ransomware recovery services. When infected, this ransomware attack will lock the device, leaving a message to inform them of the requirement to pay a ransom to unlock their device.

3 – Scareware

This is the most simplistic of all ransomware types and entails the use of a fake application or program that come as artificial clean-up software or phoney anti-virus.

Why Work with Us

When you choose FOTHION for ransomware data recovery solutions, you are partnering with a team of trusted professionals who will help you with any ransomware recovery services you might need. As a leading Los Angeles IT support company, we take immense pride in helping businesses to recover as quickly and efficiently as possible after dealing with any type of cybercrime.

Here’s why people choose us to handle their mission-critical IT projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Essentially, Ransomware is a specific type of software that prevents people from accessing their systems or data until they pay a fee to unlock/release access. Files are usually encrypted, holding them ‘hostage’ until the money is paid for its release.

Yes, this is possible. It is also another reason employee should be encouraged to access their company information via a VPN, and never use public Wi-Fi hotspots with company equipment.

No. According to statistics, 39% of known attackers were paid in 2018, and this rose to 45% in 2019.

If you have a regular backup service in operation, then you could remove Ransomware from a mobile device by performing a full factory reset. This will wipe the device, including apps, settings, and files; your backup will allow you to impact everything back.

No, it is not. A virus will typically infect your software and files; and just a physical virus, it can self-replicate. However, Ransomware will scramble your files and remove access to them altogether; with a final demand being more money.

Both can be removed with a specific type of anti-virus, but if your files have been encrypted, you will need to hire a ransomware attack data recovery company to help you regain access.

It is the same structure as that of an incremental cloud backup service. With this, you will see copies of files that have changed, or which are new since the original full backup took place. The key difference is that any files that were created since the initial full backup took place will be copied again.

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