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Cloud data backup services are an essential IT requirement for businesses of any size. With most companies relying on email for communications, a website for marketing, and internal systems for access to crucial data, being able to guarantee access to these mission-critical tools is necessary

Whether you need to recover lost information following a theft, fire, or failure of equipment, having a best-in-class cloud backup solution for small businesses is key. 

Should you lose regular access to your business information, Cloud Backup solutions from FOTHION will give you the peace of mind you need to have confidence in your business’ resilience. It will allow you to quickly get things back to normal, with minimal impact on your operations.

FOTHION is in Los Angeles and provides cloud-based backup services for businesses both locally and further afield. Our support services can be delivered remotely, giving us the ability to provide world-class IT support, anywhere in the world.

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FOTHION’S Cloud Backup Solutions are designed to meet the individual needs of your business. We offer immediate support, and our cloud data backup services provide excellent value while being incredibly secure.

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When you choose FOTHION to provide business cloud backup services, you get world-class support delivered by a local company of IT professionals. Here’s why people, just like you, continue to work with our business.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering buying a cloud backup solution for your small business, here are some frequently asked questions that you may find useful.

You can purchase several free cloud back-up solutions that make it easy to back up a single pc or desktop to the cloud. However, if you are looking for cloud-based backup services for your business, you need to consider an alternative solution that gives you the added security and support required.

Thankfully, cloud backup solutions in LA by FOTHION offers value for money while providing you with the 3 technical expertise and support to help you in the event you lose access to mission-critical data, or you need to restore essential systems back due to a failure of equipment, or other such reasons.  

It depends on the type of data, where it is already stored, and your individual access requirements. For instance, if you are storing sensitive payroll data and using another service to store this in the cloud, you need to look at the security of where it is currently held and ensure it meets with any compilatory standards. Secondly, if anything were to happen to that third-party business or their servers, what agreements do you have in place regarding accessibly, uptime, etc.

Most cloud-based backup services offer some form of SLAs for their users, so having a solid grasp of what these are is a good start. For the benefit of centralization, having all your data stored securely, with a single provider often makes the most sense. Even for personal cloud backup services, the value of those items, albeit sentimental, means you need to consider who has them and what your agreement with that third-party involves.

The three different types of backup solutions are as follows: Full Backup, Incremental Backup, and Differential backup. Below, we will outline the key differences for each of these cloud backup solutions.

As you would expect, this is a comprehensive cloud-based backup service that copies everything you consider important and which must not be lost. This is known to be the most dependable solution as it is made without the requirements of any additional tools or equipment.

The process requires more work as it entails making copies of the files, with the added element of having to account for any changes that may have taken place. Using an incremental cloud backup solution is often done following a full back up, as it detects what has and has not changed since the original full backup was taken. This method often saves time and space compared with doing a full back up on each occasion.

It is the same structure as that of an incremental cloud backup service. With this, you will see copies of files that have changed, or which are new since the original full backup took place. The key difference is that any files that were created since the initial full backup took place will be copied again.

If you have any questions remaining about cloud backup services, then we welcome you to call our friendly team. We are always happy to offer guidance or answer any questions you may have.