Disaster Recovery Services

Recover your essential data in a matter of minutes and utilize our robust business disaster recovery solutions to help you restore your services and core business operations quickly.


Regardless of the type or size of your business, or IT equipment, disasters can happen at any time.

One thing that remains firmly in your control is the ability to react in the most responsive way. Having the correct backup and disaster recovery service in place can minimize the disruption both your staff and customers face, and it can make the difference between an uncomfortable matter of minutes or your business going offline for an unknown amount of time, without being able to service the needs of your customers, and with staff unable to access mission-critical information. 

The need for disaster recovery planning in any business is real, and the impact it can have in the event of a disaster is measurable, justifiable, and can often make the difference between a minor inconvenience and a major disruption.

Fothion is here to help you with fully managed, best-in-class disaster recovery services providers and implementation services. We can consult with you to make a clear plan to undertake the work with zero disruption to your daily operations.

The Disaster Recovery Process – Explained

Fothion has already helped countless businesses successfully achieve an azure migration, and we’re ready to help you complete yours. Our team of experts have more than 20 years of collective experience and have earned Microsoft Gold Partner status for their advanced knowledge and skills. We use a tailored process that is proven to achieve a seamless transition and successful azure migration experience.

The risks involved with not having a professional disaster recovery cloud solution in place far outweighs the money of implementing a backup and disaster recovery service. Nowadays, a business without access to information and working information management systems will eventually, if not instantaneously grind to a halt.

Here’s how the process works.

  1. Outline a Disaster Recovery Plan for your business
  2. Set-up an automated disaster recovery service
  3. Testing different scenarios to make sure system recovery and interdependences are correct
  4. Review needs for instant off-site failover using cloud-based disaster recovery and VMs
  5. Sign-off

Why Work with Us

When you choose Fothion as your trusted advisor for mission-critical disaster recovery backup services, you can rest assured that you have a team of professionals taking care of your most critical business assets. As a leading Los Angeles IT support company, we take great pride in delivering seamless disaster recovery services for companies of all sizes.

Here’s why people choose us to handle their mission-critical IT projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

While both are intrinsically connected, there are key differences between disaster recovery and data backup, and it’s useful to know which is for what purpose.

Essentially, a backup is performed by copying files to another disk, and it can be undertaken in a multitude of ways; using a cloud-based solution or a secondary Storage server. It can help you quickly restore any information you may have recently lost. On the other hand, disaster recovery is a more comprehensive solution that is connected to backups, but it mirrors all of your systems, including servers and disk drives. It’s more about having a detailed plan in place that highlights all aspects of your business that could be impacted by a disaster and putting appropriate measures in place to recover and restore these functions quickly. Having a disaster recovery plan means that an entire system can be quickly and effortlessly restored without the need to reinstall the entire operating system.

Data backups are essential, but a disaster recovery service will extend the security of the business, giving it complete protection in the event of a range of disasters.

Yes. Business continuity in any sector is essential. Almost all disaster recovery service providers will promote the benefits of getting a regular DR plan outlined. Typically, disaster recovery services include a distinct set of tools, policies, processes, procedures, and systems to make sure that any lost information and continuity of business-as-usual daily operations can take place.

Without it, your staff and customers will not be able to interact with your business or its data as usual. You will lose productivity and potentially money, and it could also impact your reputation and ability to provide your core business services.

Effective disaster recovery for your servers will reduce the impact of a cyberattack on your business, it will help your business regain productivity and access to your data and systems quickly, and it will prevent data loss, financial loss, and the ultimate impact to service levels you (and your customers) would inevitably face.

If you would like an exact cost for your business disaster recovery services, speak with Fothion today.

Our prices are competitive, and our service is world-class. You can trust our team to deliver a seamless experience from the initial planning through to the final set-up and follow-up support.