Professional IT Network Audit in Los Angeles

IT Network Audit Los Angeles

Network Audit can be used to enhance overall network performance

Professional IT Network Audit in Los Angeles

Get a clear view of your network and uncover clear opportunities to improve your business efficiencies and processes.

Get an expert audit of your IT network

Fothion’s specialist technical team will be able to capture the present state of your business network, making key observations and providing recommendations about improvements that will benefit your company. Simply put, an IT Network Audit for your Los Angeles business is a health check for your company network.

The reason businesses need an IT Audit become quite clear once a check of the network is undertaken. In many cases, issues such as interface errors or insecure firewalls are identified, which can create delays and carry a financial impact as well.

Our IT Network Audit for Los Angeles businesses is affordable and effective.

What is a Network Audit?

If you are considering an IT Network Audit for your Los Angeles company, the team at Fothion delivers highly-effective, affordable audit services for businesses of all sizes.

When we carry out an IT network audit for your Los Angeles business, we will provide a comprehensive health check of your company network, producing a detailed report that outlines a number of key areas.

  • Inventory of your company hardware and devices
  • Overview of your business connectivity
  • Clear diagrams of your company network devices including servers, firewalls, and switches
  • Traffic management explanation
  • The impact to business resources

Why You Need an IT Network Audit for your Los Angeles Business

There are many activities that are considered ‘normal’ that can impact the overall performance and healthy operations of a network. Users can add new hardware and devices to your network infrastructure. Devices include printers, routers, fax machines, access points, network storage amongst others. They might also install software on their company device without first informing the administrator. All these activities can independently have an impact on the network and the integrity of that network.

The network audit will uncover if there is any unauthorized hardware or software running on any company machines. It will also identify if there are any missing security or update patches. In addition to the above, a network audit is essential to ensure the network security and integrity is maintained.

It will evaluate all business information systems and their associated performance, helping you find opportunities to improve processes and ultimately get your IT performing at its best.

A company’s IT network can change with or without intervention. For this reason, it is essential to make sure that you have a regular IT Network for your Los Angeles business. This is truly the only way to ensure that any unknown changes to the network are identified and dealt with accordingly.

Choose Fothion to provide a comprehensive network audit for your Los Angeles business. Our team is highly adept at delivering compelling and meticulous audits that help you uncover key opportunities to get your IT working at its best for your business.

We provide affordable, expert IT services to businesses of all sizes throughout Los Angeles. We can also support your network and provide network monitoring and support service once the IT Network Audit has been completed.

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