Business Continuity Management in Los Angeles

Business Continuity Los Angeles

Business continuity is a methodology used to create and validate a plan for maintaining continuous business operations

Business Continuity Management in Los Angeles

Make sure your business is protected and always up and running with Business Continuity Services in Los Angeles.

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Whatever the size of your business, you need to ensure that should the unexpected occur, your employee and customer disruption is kept to a minimum. Should your critical systems go offline for any reason, Business Continuity in Los Angeles will take care of matters and get you back online quickly, with only a minimal downtime; lessening the overall impact to your company.

Why You Need a Business Continuity Plan

For some people, business continuity is south out due to insurance or regulatory requirements, and for others, it is peace of mind. Whatever your motivation, the team at Fothion deliver exceptional Business Continuity services to make sure that your company weathers the storm with ease.

Disaster can unfold at any time, and such events can impact your core operations, your employees, and in turn your customers. Some of the advantages of having a business continuity plan include:

  • Safeguard your business reputation by ensuring plans are in place to continue with ‘business as usual’ should disaster strike
  • Reduce the financial impact of a disaster to your business
  • Make sure your employers can continue working should they be unable to work from their office
  • Potentially get a lower cost of insurance for your business

Business Continuity in Los Angeles helps your company to plan against a range of issues that constitute the need for such action. There are different types of actions or incidents that can take your business offline, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a catastrophe on a large-scale.

  • Disruptions to the Network
  • Cyber Attack
  • Human Error
  • Natural and Local Disaster

Safeguard your business today and let Fothion take care of your Business Continuity needs in Los Angeles.

What Does Business Continuity in Los Angeles Involve?

Having a solid infrastructure, that can remain always-on in the event of any incident or disaster is essential in this digital era. Our business continuity services in Los Angeles goes beyond traditional disaster recovery service to ensure we proactively address the rapidly changing needs of the business.

There are four key stages of business continuity planning we will undertake on your company’s behalf.

Forensic Impact Analysis

We will outline and develop a key set of questions that will uncover the critical information required to support the plan. This may include talking with the process or business function managers to ascertain such data. The information received will be validated and where needed, elaborated upon to fill in any gaps.

Strategies for Recovery

During this phase, the information from the analysis will be used to identify and ascertain specific business requirements. Any required resources will be fully documented. A gap analysis will also be created to identify any gaps that may exist between the recovery requirements and the existing capabilities of the business. Various recovery strategies will be reviewed and discussed with you before strategies are confirmed.

Development of the Plan

This third stage of the process is where the core plan is developed, and the framework is built. Recovery teams are organized, and relocation plans are also created. IT Disaster Recovery is also written up in order to form a robust business continuity plan for your Los Angeles business. Manual workarounds are outlined, and the plan is fully assembled and presented to the company management.

Testing and Verification

Any training or orientation will be conducted with yourself or your allocated business continuity team. Once the plan is formulated, various testing exercises will need to be carried out in order to verify the overall understanding and effectiveness of the business continuity plan. All results will be clearly documented, and any ‘lessons learned’ from the testing will be incorporated into the final plan.

At Fothion, we have more than 20 years of IT experience and can help your business prepare for the worst. Through this service, we can ensure disruption is kept to an absolute minimum and your bottom line is protected should any such an event occur.

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