Fothion – Datto Partner

Unified Continuity

Back up content to Datto’s highly secure Cloud so you can easily restore a lost file or an entire business infrastructure in minutes.


Network downtime is catastrophic to a business’ bottom line and reputation. Datto Networking was designed to serve businesses that need always connected networking.

File Backup & Sync

Security and simplicity cannot be taken for granted when your clients’ businesses rely on their ability to collaborate, backup, and restore when needed.

Business Management

Succeeding in the competitive field of IT products and services depends on having an efficient, centralized place to deliver data-backed insights and support your customers.

24/7 Datto Support


All Support Technicians are intensively trained and certified to provide top-level support and deliver a wonderful customer experience. Partners are encouraged to deliver Level 1 support by utilizing our extensive knowledge base to troubleshoot, but when you need us, our Direct to Tech™ support is standing by to help.