Our company philosophy:

We believe technology acts as an option for organizations to organize connection with their competitors. we also believe that each organization needs an integrated IT architecture to master their internal flow of information.

That’s why our engineers deal with our clients directly to understand their needs in order to provide reliable and intrinsic improvement. By doing so, our engineers probe more deeply into our customers’ desires and better address them.

As our company philosophy, we will help the decision-makers of the organization to maximize the utility of the technologies in hand and help them improve their system by implementing and executing new technologies to better adapt the changes.

 Why choose us:

It is vital to educate our clients about the different solutions and how they can benefit from them. Fothion engineers will provide a timely professional recommendation and comparison analysis to business owners which this will allow them to see their issue with a different glasses and be able to relate to the services that we promise to deliver.

 Our approach:

  • We will sit with you and review your short term and long term technology needs (email archiving, backup solution, virtual server, Etc.)
  • We then prioritize IT needs based on importance and the urgency of your situation and go over the specifications of each need.
  • We consult with you the different options. Our project managers will make a timeline project plan and our account managers will work with you to take necessary steps to implement solutions that work for you.
  • We integrate our work into your business as a whole, properly defining and managing the relationship and institute an effective mechanism.
  • We process maturity by finding the balance between the undesirable extremes and utter chaos.
  • We take effective steps to solve each of your technical problems in a consistent way once and avoid it from happening
  • We assess and examine your existing system and align IT with your business objective.

 We want:

  • to offload the significant capital expenses of your company and get your operational cost at a minimum
  • to utilize the latest technology as business priorities changes
  • to save you time, money and allocate resources
  • to achieve the highest Return on your IT investment
  • to keep you stratify and exceed your need and maintain a long healthy business relationship

 You will receive:

  • Available, Scalable IT solutions and services that will benefit your firm
  • Certified technicians, and Engineers with 20 plus years of experiences to provide the best-outsourced support to your firm
  • Customer support who are available to hear your needs and accommodate a best solution 24/7
  • Fast, Flexible, reliable and secure system that will guarantee an excellent business continuity with quickest response time
  • Customized solutions and services that are only defined to address your business goals.